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For the last six years I have been working as the in-house graphic designer for one of the biggest secondary schools in the UK.
I have also completed a wide range of design commissions from clients representing many different industries. I am happy to take on any commission you may have, whether it be a simple logo or a marketing campaign, both for print and digital.

Ghostbuster Movie Poster

Highlander Movie Poster

Volks Wagon Dealership Flyer

Vinyl Marketing Banner

School Planner Cover

Work Principles Poster

Teacher Recruitment Pamphlet

Year 5 Marketing Flyer

Effective Questioning Classroom Poster

Year 8 Careers Fair Flyer

Logo designs - Various

Vue Projection Manual Cover

Athletics PE Poster

Sciene Week Poster

Scholar Classroom Poster

Chinese Confucius Cover

Creative Arts Week Flyer